People buy from people. Say it three times. Say it to yourself every morning. Don’t forget it. It is a mantra that has to be remembered when trying to sell your products and services, even over the web.

Too many business owners and sales people try to sell their product or service, neglecting the fact that their customer is a person. In fact, the customer is a person who has feelings, influences and a mind of their own. They want to be connected with, and to trust and believe the person from which they are buying.

Think about it from this perspective, all things being equal, when you go to buy things, don’t you prefer to buy from the nicer person? The person who stops and listens to your needs and helps to tailor your solution? Of course you do, and so does your customer. Sure, you can build good processes and great products, and strive to reduce your cost of sale with operational streamlining but be careful it doesn’t reduce your connection with the customer. A connected customer delivers much more to a business than one-off revenue.

Too often, the sales person races in with their pitch and looks to close the deal quickly and hopes to leave with a contract in hand. However, there is no effort to build a relationship, they are just looking to close a pitch. However, if they focused on closing the relationship and building a connection with the person, they might find that not only do they win their much anticipated sale, they also gain word of mouth buzz and other potential sales connections that this new-found friend can bring to them. They earn trust and commitment from their audience with their quality of relationship building.

And, it doesn’t matter what medium you use to sell either.

Why do you think some websites succeed in converting sales better than others? Additionally, why do some telesales professionals manage to hook you in every time and convince you that you really do need their urgent offer? The answer is simple; because they sell into their customers’ concerns and close the deal by listening.


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